Client Spotlight

Dr. Rick Campbell is our client spotlight for the month of July. This fall will mark his 3rd year at IPTC. Dr. Campbell is a class favorite. He brings great energy to every class and private session and keeps everyone entertained and on their toes! He practices Pilates 5-7 times a week and appreciates the emphasis on correct form, posture, and BREATHING!

Dr. Campbell is married to the love of his life, Katherine. Together they have “two grown and successfully launched girls”. They also have 2 dogs, Rose and Winston, as well as a cat named Milo. Dr. Campbell owns and manages Willow Creek Pet Center. HIs favorite time of day is 4:30am because it is so peaceful and quiet. The only thing awake at that time is his dog Rose who wants breakfast and a walk at sunrise. He loves to golf and his favorite pastime is being with his wife. His favorite quote is “Common sense is not that common”.

IPTC loves and appreciates Dr. Rick Campbell and his dedication to IPTC. We feel so lucky to be able to see him practically every day and know it is going to be a good time whenever he is on the schedule.Thank you, Thank you Dr. Campbell!!!! XO