Whether you are a fitness professional or rehab specialist, or a club owner, we have a program to meet your needs. Each program comprises a series of relevant courses or modules delivered at a pace, duration and location most suitable to you or your organization.


STOTT PILATES Intensive Program - Level 1

Intended for those already working in the fields of fitness or movement, the STOTT PILATES Intensive (Level 1) program focuses on expanding current knowledge while delivering complete instruction in STOTT PILATES principles and Essential and Intermediate exercises in a faster paced format.


STOTT PILATES Comprehensice Program - Level 1


The STOTT PILATES Comprehensive program features a "ground up" curriculum intended for those with limited training in functional anatomy and little to no prior teaching experience. The full Level 1 exercise repertoire (Essential and Intermediate exercises) are taught in a time frame that allows you to assimilate and apply the material at a slower pace.

  • Comprehensive Matwork & Reformer
  • Comprehensive Caddillac, Chair & Barrels



STOTT PILATES Advanced Program - Level 2

The Advanced (Level 2) program begins with a review of relevant Essential and Intermediate exercises, then students learn to apply STOTT PILATES biomechanical principles to exercises that require a higher degree of strength, balance and coordination. These courses can be taken immediately after the corresponding Level 1 course or as a series.




The STOTT PILATES Injuries & Special Populations course equips you with the skills required to address a broad range of physical challenges among your clients.

  • Injuries and Special Populations



STOTT PILATES Rehabilitation Program

The STOTT PILATES Rehabilitation program is specifically designed for licensed physical or occupational therapists, chiropractors and doctors of sports medicine. Four courses demonstrate how to integrate modified matwork and equipment based STOTT PILATES exercises appropriately into therapeutic conditioning.

  • Spinal, Pelvic & Scapular Stabilization: Matwork & Rehab Reformer
  • Peripheral Joint Stabilization: Matwork & Rehab Reformer
  • Spinal, Pelvic & Scapular Stabilization: Cadillac, Chair & Barrels
  • Peripheral Joint Stabilization: Cadillac, Chair & Barrels



For facility owners, managers and program directors who want to implement a quality group pilates program as quickly and effectively as possible, the STOTT PILATES Group SPX programming stream is the answer. Composed of Level 1 (Essential and Intermediate) courses and workshops, Group SPX programming is designed to provide instructors with the core skills to teach matwork and reformer classes.

  • Group SPX Mat-Plus Training
  • Group SPX Reformer Training


STOTT PILATES Crossover Program

Crossover courses were created to offer instructors additional opportunities for professional growth by helping them make the transition from private to group training and vice versa. Unlike our standard courses, crossover options are designed to act as a bridge between the Group program and the Intensive or Comprehensive programs.

  • Crossover from Group SPX Mat-Plus to Personal Training
  • Crossover from Intensive Mat-Plus Training to Group Training
  • Crossover from Group SPX to Personal Training
  • Crossover from Intensive Reformer Training to Group Training



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