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Pilates Express™ Mat

Thicker than a yoga mat to protect the spine, the Pilates Express mat has integrated velcro straps that allow you to roll and go, making it the perfect mat for toting to the gym or studio. High-quality, closed cell foam provides optimal comfort and durability.


  • width 21-3/4"
  • length 70"
  • thickness 3/8"
Stability Ball

Made of latex-free, burst resistant polyvinyl with a non-slip, ribbed surface, our Stability Ball challenges torso stability while improving balance. Some use it in place of an office chair. Includes pump. Safety tested under 250kg/550 lb pressure. Available in two sizes.


Basic Pilates
Workout Time: 25 min
Difficulty 1
Sunrise Workout
Workout Time: 22 min
Difficulty 1
Revive Workout
Workout Time: 22 min
Difficulty 2
Relaxation Workout
Workout Time: 17 min
Difficulty 1
Moira guides you through key strengthening and stretching exercises that prepare you to handle day-to-day stress with ease. You'll feel toned, agile and revitalized after this ntroductory mat-based workout.
Start your day with this invigorating program that works your arms, legs and torso. In less than 20 minutes you'll feel refreshed, revitalized and ready to take on the challenges of the day.
Inject some energy into your busy day by lengthening, strengthening and toning your muscles. This efficient workout will get the circulation flowing, release tension and help you master the mind-body connection.
Use these gentle stretching, toning and breathing exercises to help you switch gears before bedtime or unwind after work. Using controlled, quality movements, these exercises will bring you a deep sense of peace and relaxation.
The Secret to Weight Loss

The Secret to Weight Loss Power Pack will give you the tools to help you shed pounds sensibly. The revolutionary, upbeat Walking Pilates* workouts are fun and easy to follow, helping you shed pounds one step at a time.

Includes: two DVDs, The Secret to Weight Loss, Volumes 1 & 2, six-week food plan and nutritional booklet, water bottle and bonus Easy Start poster.

Toning Ball Power Pack

These soft, hand-held weighted balls are perfectly portable and can be incorporated into a variety of exercises that help sculpt strong, healthy muscles without building bulk.

Includes: Amazing Tone DVD, two 1 lb weighted Toning Balls and bonus Easy Start poster.

Flex-Band Exerciser Twin Pack

The economical Flex-Band exerciser can be used to add upper and lower body resistance to matwork and simulate many of the moves performed on a reformer. Made of durable, natural rubber latex.

Includes: One regular strength and one extra-strength band and a bonus Easy Start poster.


Fitness Circle Lite Resistance Ring

This Fitness Circle’s lightweight construction makes it ideal for beginners and convenient for travel. Inner and outer foam grips provide extra comfort.

Diameter 14"
Weight: 3/4 lb

Includes NEW Fitness Circle Flow DVD and Easy Start poster.

Fitness Circle Flow
Workout Time: 30 min
Difficulty 2

Increase strength, flexibility and muscle tone with the unique Fitness Circle accessory. This energizing workout will help you develop greater body awareness.


Stability Ball

Get strong and streamlined to the core. The ultra-durable, anti-burst STOTT PILATES Stability Ball has a non-slip, polyvinyl ribbed surface. Ideal for pilates, balance training and core conditioning. Safety tested under 250 kg pressure.

Includes full-length Core Balance DVD, Easy Start poster and air pump. Bilingual packaging.

Available in two sizes, 55cm and 65cm

Core Balance
Workout Time:48 min
Difficulty 3

The stability ball helps engage the deep abdominal muscles as the body works to rebalance itself. This routine enhances core stability, peripheral movement and is a great introduction to the stability ball.


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