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Exam FAQ's

How do I schedule an exam?

Please contact us at 801.895.0035 to make arrangements to set a date to complete your exam.

How much does it cost for each exam?

Prices will vary depending on which exam you are taking. Please call the studio and we can give you current pricing for the exam you are planning to take.

How long do I have to complete my course examination?

You must take your exam within six months of completing your last STOTT PILATES® Education course (this includes ISP). We encourage you to take some time afterward to practice and synthesize the information prior to taking the exam; however, you are welcome to take the exam immediately after you complete the course if you and your Instructor agree you are ready.

What if my course finished longer than six months ago?

If you have failed to meet the six-month requirement to complete your examination, you must complete private review hours with an instructor trainer to reinstate your eligibility. Material covered will be specific to your needs to better prepare you for the exam. The number of hours required is based on the course material that must be covered and the demands of the course repertoire. The MINIMUM private session requirements are:

• Matwork – 1 hour
• Reformer – 1 hour
• Matwork & Reformer – 1 to 2 hours
• Matwork, Reformer & CCB– 2 to 3 hours

The Instructor Trainer may recommend further privates or study as preparation.

How long does it take to receive notification of my results?

IExam results will be sent directly to you, normally by email. The LTC and/or Instructor Trainer will also be informed of the marks. Marking takes between four to six weeks from the date of the exam. Please note exams are not returned but can be reviewed upon request.


You must receive an average score of 80% (practical and written) and achieve a minimum score of 75% on each portion in order to pass. Both of these requirements must be met in order to achieve certification. If you have to retake a portion of or the entire exam, this should happen within six months of the date of the original exam. This ensures that the information remains relatively fresh but allows time to study and improve in the necessary areas.

If the six-month time limit has passed, you must take both the written and practical exams again and it is highly recommended that you also book privates with an Instructor Trainer.

If you take your exam for the first time and fail both portions, you have one more opportunity, within six months, to successfully pass the exam. If you fail both portions the second time, you must wait six months before retesting.

Please note:

• If you hold Matwork certification and then want to certify in Reformer (or vice versa), you will be required to take a combined Matwork and Reformer exam so that we can test your ability to program various equipment repertoires together.
• You are not obliged to take (and pay for) two or more exams if you are planning to take more than one course. You may wait until completion of the second or final course to take a combined repertoire exam.
• If you choose to examine at Level 1 and wish to upgrade to Level 2 certification at a later date, a separate fee will apply.
• If you test for a Combined Levels 1 & 2 certification, you may be awarded Level 1 certification only (and need to re-test on Level 2) or you may be awarded Level 1 in a certain portion of the repertoire and Level 2 in another portion.  A separate fee will apply for any re-testing.
• You may choose to examine at Level 1 on a certain portion of the repertoire and at Level 2 on another portion. However, as a general rule, we do not recommend only testing on part of the repertoire learned. We encourage you, if at all reasonable, to test on all levels and all repertoire for the courses you have taken.
• You are eligible to take a Full Certification exam if you have completed all levels of training on all pieces of equipment AND have also taken the Injuries & Special Populations course.

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