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Jenny Carr, Owner

Jenny Carr has been the Owner of Intermountain Pilates Training Center (IPTC) for over ten years. She is located in Salt Lake City, Utah and is a Pilates Studio as well as an Instructor Training Center. She is partnered with Merrithew as the Licensed Training Center in the state of Utah, and offers all of their education at her Facility.

Jenny has a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Utah, which included studies in human and exercise physiology, anatomy, kinesiology, biology, and physics. She is also a STOTT PILATES ®  Instructor and an Instructor Trainer for Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Barrels, Injuries & Special Populations, Total Barre, CORE Athletic Conditioning, ZEN*GA, and Fascial

She has been teaching Pilates for 16 years and taught dance for 15 years and is passionate about injury rehabilitation, fascial release, and sport performance. Jenny has traveled around the world over the past 16 years educating Instructors, Physical Therapists, and many other movement and medical professionals. She works with collegiate dance programs, professional and college athletes to help improve sport performance and prevent injury. She is passionate about her teaching and genuinely committed to everyone she teaches. If she isn’t teaching at her studio in Salt Lake City, Utah she is probably traveling somewhere to teach other’s about Pilates.

Kris Brown

Originally from California, Kris Brown is a fitness professional based in Salt Lake City, Utah. She started her Pilates journey in 2011 when she successfully completed the comprehensive Pilates Program with Balanced Body. After moving to Utah in 2014, she found her passion for STOTT PILATES® and became a fully certified instructor. Her diverse skill set extends beyond Pilates, encompassing specialized training in Injuries and Special Populations, Merrithew Fascial Movement, CORE™ Athletic Conditioning, TRX Suspension, and Total Barre®.

A dedicated learner, Kris is well-versed in Anatomy, Postural Biomechanics, and Injury Rehabilitation. This comprehensive knowledge allows her to tailor training programs for clients that are not only effective but also personalized to address specific needs, ranging from injury prevention to Athletic Conditioning.

Kris’s passion for Pilates and ongoing commitment to learning have propelled her into the role of STOTT PILATES Instructor Trainer, specializing in Mat and Reformer. She is driven by a strong desire to share her knowledge and experiences with the upcoming generation of instructors.

Angie Teply

Angie has been teaching group fitness since 2006 and STOTT PILATES since 2009. She is a fully certified STOTT PILATES Instructor. She is an AFAA certified group fitness instructor, certified in TRX Suspension, Total Barre Method, and Fascial Movement. She has extensive training in injury rehabilitation and prevention, anatomy, postural biomechanics, and fascial movement. This allows her to create a safe and effective program for anyone looking for help with injury rehabilitation to athletic conditioning.

A South Dakota native, Angie has a degree in Communications and initially worked in advertising, public relations and event planning.

While getting back into exercise after her twin daughters were born, she was inspired to teach group fitness.

She taught in the corporate fitness centers of ConAgra Foods, Union Pacific and First National Bank in Omaha. During an IDEA Convention, she attended a Pilates workshop presented by Merrithew and found what she considers smart exercise designed for anyone & everyone.

Angie teaches group Pilates classes as well as private sessions. She enjoys making people laugh & getting them out of pain with Pilates. Some of her interests are skiing, golf and traveling.

Lindsay Mercier

Originally from Montana, Lindsay attended the University of Utah as a dance major. While earning her BFA, she was introduced to Pilates. She immediately saw the benefits and received her first STOTT PILATES training while living in Germany. Lindsay pursued more training including Injuries and Special Populations and became a fully trained STOTT Pilates instructor. She also holds a Polestar Pilates comprehensive certification. Lindsay is continually furthering her education and skill set, enabling her to tailor sessions to the needs of each individual. Her positive attitude helps her clients stay focused on their goals, no matter if that is coming back from injury, preventing injury or maintaining a pain free lifestyle.

Lindsay is happy to be back in the mountains of Utah after a 20 year absence. In that time, Lindsay has spread pilates love throughout the US (including Alaska), as well as Germany. She enjoys hiking and skiing with her family and is grateful that pilates allows her to continue to do so pain and injury free!

Breanne Saxton

Breanne is an experienced Pilates Instructor and has been with Intermountain Pilates for almost 2 years now. She is very passionate about her job and loves to see how it can help people live a healthier and happier life. Breanne has always lived a very active lifestyle. As a kid she enjoyed playing soccer and swimming. She found her passion for Pilates while studying sports science at BYU Hawaii. She loves being able to be creative and keep the workout fun and exciting. Anyone who has trained with Breanne would agree that they finished the workout happier and healthier!

Jetta Hansen

Jetta has been a lover and practitioner of Pilates and fitness for more than 10 years.

She’s a certified STOTT PILATES Mat & Reformer instructor, as well as a POP Pilates Advanced Instructor and a PIIT28 Trainer. Pilates, movement, and teaching are truly her passion and where her personality shines!

Jetta enjoys working individually with clients to help them work towards “waking up and feeling nothing” – no pain or soreness, just a healthy body.
She brings fun and sweat to every class and will quickly become your ultimate hype-woman.

When she’s not teaching Pilates, Jetta works as a data analyst and developer, using her creativity through coding and data to find insights and inform business strategies. She earned her bachelor’s degree in strategic communication and her master’s degree in business analytics, both from the University of Utah. She is an SLC native, where she lives with her husband and two rambunctious doggos.

Jaada Harding-Peterson

Jaada has been professionally committed to fitness for over 20 years. Her passion for health allows her to encourage people to attain a better quality of life. She actively pursues many avenues of fitness. Whether it is traditional step aerobics or kickboxing, core training to Zumba as well as spinning and yoga, she continually teaches and educates herself in many styles of training. She is excited to be a part of IPTC and is a fully certified STOTT PILATES® instructor and Instructor Trainer in Mat and Reformer. Discovering Pilates has been fulfilling and she loves sharing this amazing fitness approach with others. Beyond fitness, she has an outstanding twelve year old son who keeps her plenty active. She loves the Utah summers and enjoys hiking, boating and sitting by the pool. She’s a native to Utah and loves to travel.

Violet Williams

Violet Williams is a dedicated pilates STOTT Pilates Certified Instructor. Her certifications include STOTT PILATES® Cadillac, Chair, & Barrels, Matwork, and Reformer. As well as additional training in Injuries & Special Populations. She holds a degree in marketing from BYU and initially pursued a career in marketing before transitioning into full-time pilates instruction.

Violet’s love for fitness and pilates began in her childhood through dancing and drill team. She enjoys any form of movement including weight lifting, pilates, dance, and hiking. Overcoming various health setbacks through movement has been a significant part of her journey, and she is passionate about helping clients with similar challenges achieve improvement and movement goals. Violet enjoys working with clients in both private and group class settings, aiming to instill her love of movement in others.