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Getting Started

Getting started in Pilates can be intimidating and confusing. We want to keep it simple and enjoyable for you. Here are the steps you need to get going and receive the amazing benefits Pilates has to offer:

  1. Call or Text the Studio 801.895.0035 and we can set you up for an appointment.
  2. Your first session will be a one-on-one session with one of our certified instructors to teach you correct biomechanics along with all the in’s and out’s of the Pilates equipment used in class. We encourage everyone to do our Intro to Pilates package that is 3 sessions for $210. This gives you three hours of one-on-one instruction to get you prepped and ready for group classes.
  3. Once you finish your 3 private sessions you can sign up for group classes. This is a one time only pass and includes 9 classes for $139. It must be used within 30 days of purchase. This 30 day deadline is to encourage you to come at least two times per week for 30 days so that you stay with it long enough to feel the true benefits of Pilates.

If you have any Injuries or Special concerns we can certainly help with that too. We have several Fully Certified STOTT PILATES® Instructors that are highly trained and can help you get back to full functional strength. These Instructors have spent many years training in Injuries and are happy to help you get started in your STOTT PILATES® Program.